TURNING-Numerical Control Programming

Course Highlights

This course teaches the use of the CNC Turning Numerical Control Programming on Siemens 808D controller.

  • Basics Manufacturing Processes
  • Types of Lathe
  • Elements of Lathe
  • History of CNC
  • Types of Lathe Operations
  • Types of CNC Machines
  • Mechanical Elements of CNC M/C
  • Electrical Elements of CNC M/C
  • Different Machine Modes
  • Introduction to Turning Controller • Introduction to Milling Controller ,ISO Machine Tool Axis ,Right Hand Thumb Rule ,Lathe & Milling Coordinate Systems ,Absolute and Incremental Programming
  • Introduction To G-Codes Introduction To M-Codes, Other Codes, Facing Operation,Turning Operation, Radius Turning, Chamfer Operation,Taper Operation ,Stock Removal Cycle,Contour Cycle, Drilling Cycle, Grooving Cycle, Undercut Cycle, Cut-Off Cycle,Threading Cycle

Job Prospects

CNC Programmer

Outcome of the Course

Manufacturing, History & Processes

Conventional Lathe


Mechanical Elements of CNC machine

CNC Programming

SIEMENS 808D controller.

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance

Cutting Tools and Parameter Selection Turning

Programming using Siemens standard cycles for Turning

All standard Cycles of 808D Turning

Projects by using the course

Different types of Jigs and Fixtures

Different types of Moulds

Different types of Press tools

Industrial Applications

Automotive Design Industry, Aerospace design Industry, Medical device Industry, Defence, Industrial Design Industry, Heavy Equipment Industry etc

Industrial Applications

Automotive, aerospace, medical and Heavy Engineering industries

Job Designations

Concept Design Engineer, Product Design engineer-CAD, Draftsman, Tool Design Engineer

Assessment Methodology

Online MCQ Test and Tool test

Frequently Asked Questions