Basics of Low Voltage Switchgear Training

Course Highlights

In our basic Low Voltage Switchgear Training Course the participants will learn the functional principal and operation of the low voltage power distribution and control products like MCCB, SDF, contactors, relays. The main emphasis of the course is on teaching practical product knowledge, in order to enable maintenance, inspect and service LV switchgear products, to find simple errors, and to replace the spare parts.

  • Interpret schematics and wiring diagrams.
  • Configure soft starter.
  • Start the Induction motor with different starting methods.
  • Understand the Construction, Characteristics, and operation of various Low Voltage Switch Gear.
  • Installation and wiring of DOL and RDOL Starter
  • Installation and wiring of Star Delta Starter

Job Prospects

Electrical Installation Engineer, Electrical Maintenance engineer,  Electri al Commissioning Engineer

Projects by using the course

Dimensioning of Low Voltage Motor Feeder System

Study on Star and Delta connected Motors

Study on Conventional Motor Feeder system and Associated Switchgear system

Study of Co-ordination System and Associated Switchgear

Industrial Applications

Automotive Design Industry, Aerospace design Industry, Medical device Industry, Defence, Industrial Design Industry, Heavy Equipment Industry etc

Industrial Applications

Automotive, aerospace, medical and Heavy Engineering industries

Job Designations

Concept Design Engineer, Product Design engineer-CAD, Draftsman, Tool Design Engineer

Assessment Methodology

Online MCQ Test and Tool test

Frequently Asked Questions