Course Highlights

• Components of a pneumatic system
• Symbols and standards in pneumatics
• Methods for the development of pneumatic systems
• Development of single and multiple actuator circuits
• Actuators and output devices
• Directional control valves
• Non-return, flow and pressure valves, valve combinations
• Electrically actuated directional control valves
• Developing an electro electropneumatic control system
• Documentation for an electro pneumatic control system
• Safety measures for electro pneumatic control systems
• Relay control systems
• Design of modern electro pneumatic control systems

Job Prospects

Mechanical maintenance Engineer, Design Engineer

Projects by using the course

Properties and Dimensions of a Pipe

Properties, Functions, and Specifications of Pipe Fittings

Properties and Specifications of Flanges

Bolts for Joining Flanges, Gasket and Orifice Plates

Properties and Functions of Valves

Pipe Hangers and Supports

Basic Concepts of Orthographic and Isometric Sketching

Symbolic representation in Pipe Drawings, Reading Sketches

Principles of Measurement

Mathematical Computations: Decimals and Fractions

Industrial Applications

Automotive Design Industry, Aerospace design Industry, Medical device Industry, Defence, Industrial Design Industry, Heavy Equipment Industry etc

Industrial Applications

Automotive, aerospace, medical and Heavy Engineering industries

Job Designations

Concept Design Engineer, Product Design engineer-CAD, Draftsman, Tool Design Engineer

Assessment Methodology

Online MCQ Test and Tool test

Frequently Asked Questions