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Training Features

Industry Training

The industrial sector’s contribution is crucial countrys economy. Innovative, rapidly changing manufacturing practices, and emerging technology trends, employees have to be trained on new technology in manufacturing facilities.

In order to efficiently lead your organization, you need specialized training partner who truly understands the manufacturing industry and its unique demands, a partner with leading edge of technology blended with customized training programs. The following are key features of CEMS, which would enable your industry to benefit from us.

Subsidized cost of training

CEMS being an Section 8, not for profit Organization, and with the vision to make India the next manufacturing hub, provides industrial training at a very reasonable cost, which reduces the cost of training, for the industry, hence eliminating the biggest hurdleΒ  for the industry.

Customized Training Program

Each industry has different set of requirements, hence we provide customized training program to suit your requirements, and develop customized courses to address the specific challenges and issues your workers face. These courses will also teach them the skills required to execute specific tasks while adhering to prevalent safety and security standards.

Latest & Leading Hardware and Software

CEMS is a training environment that realistically resembles an industrial environment has state of art 18 labs, with best infrastructure and latest version software and hardware, providing world class training at very reasonable cost, all the software and hardware is already being used in the industry, hence it is easier for the industry, to adapt to the latest version of software.