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Nesting – Productivity Improvement

Β The students/ industry personnel would learn the below listed points in the Nesting – Productivity

Β  Β  Β  Improvement Lab:

  • Automatic part arrangement for nesting, and support for manual part arrangement.
  • Automatic or manual cutting path definition
  • Automatic beveling/ bridging / common cutting / multi-touching
  • Marking and punching at curve surfaces
  • Direct N/C code generation (EIA/ESSI)
  • Import from 2D drawings and export of drawing files into CADWIN base and automatic generation of production drawing onthe steel plate.
  • Generation of Production Information including data for cutting length, centre of gravity, weight, painting area, welding length, bevel, etc…
  • Verifying and simulation of N/C code data for plate cutting
  • Support of process for Procurement of steels.
  • Pre-nesting for procurement and ordering of steel plate
  • Detail quantifying of number of quantity of
    steel for procurement
  • Control and management of amount of scrap rate
  • Common database interface by ODBC
  • Support for customization for additional functions if required. (e.g., TRIBON interface.)
  • Simultaneously manipulate multi-sheet cutting plan
  • Easy setting for N/C machine
  • Interactive execution mode for all operations
  • Easy and fast ways to correct production data against design changes
  • Automatic cutting sequence assignment
  • Automatic Torch Spacing Control