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Advanced Manufacturing

Planning Capabilities


  • BOM Management
  • Manufacturing process planning
  • Advanced assembly planning e Global production planning
  • Change management


  • Plant/facility design
  • Workstation/Line design e Layout data management
  • Material handling, logistics, and indirect labor optimization

     Work Instructions

  • Process steps, visuals, text and documents e Up-to-date information
  • Web-based retrieval and mobile device support
  • MES integration

    Dimensional Quality

  • Define dimensional targets based on
  • Embedded PMI
  • Upfront variation and manufacturability

Simulation Capabilities


  • Assembly feasibility studies
  • Automatic assembly path planning e 3Dkinematic simulation
  • Sequencing of operations


  • Material flow simulation e Throughput assessment
  • Energy usage simulation and analysis
  • Genetic algorithms for experimentation
    and optimization


  • Robotic placement and path planning e Native language programming
  • Realistic robot simulation
  • Cycle time optimization


  • Advanced anthropometric scaling
  • Advanced posture prediction
  • Comprehensive ergonomic analysis

Production Capabilities

     Issue Tracking

  • Enterprise visibility
  • Standardized procedures
  • Proven change and workflow control
  • Automated correlation of issues with

     Shop Floor

  • Automated generation of work plan e Rule-based validation
  • Visual work instructions e Validated execution
  • Master/Order configuration

    Virtual Commissioning

  • Multi-discipline coordination e Hardware in the loop
  • Managed source of information
  • Optimized use of equipment investments

     Build Quality

  • Trending with sophisticated analyticse
  • Product and process integration
  • Advanced historical reporting
  • One UI for all measurement results