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Advanced Manufacturing Lab (7)

3. TCUA – Integration for NX users

Course ID
Mumbai, Vizag
Advanced Manufacturing
Course Duration
8 hours
B. Tech, Diploma, ITI, M. Tech

Course Content & Competencies

  • Introduction to Teamcenter Integration for NX
  • Using Teamcenter Navigator in NX
  • Create new data
  • Revise existing data
  • Share data using Teamcenter Integration for NX
  • Import and export assemblies
  • Part Families
  • Large Assembly Management
  • Miscellaneous Topics
  • NX Multi-CAD overview
  • Relating datasets to datasets
  • Assembly Arrangements in Teamcenter Integration

Brief Description about course content & competencies

     After completion of course the trainees will have the following competencies

  •  To start Teamcenter Integration for NX and access the Online Help system.
  • To learn how NX data is created, stored, accessed, edited, and shared using Teamcenter Integration for NX.
  • To become familiar with the Teamcenter Navigator user interface.
  • To understand the structure of NX data managed by Teamcenter
  • Integration for NX.
  • To understand the steps required for successfully sharing data and working in a shared assignment.
  • To learn how to import and export assemblies in and out of the Teamcenter database.
  • To learn how to create part families.
  • To learn how to work with large assemblies.
  • To learn about Multi-CAD in NX.
  • To learn how datasets relate to each other.
  • To learn how to create assembly arrangements in NX and view them in Teamcenter.

Software / Hardware Type

Teamcentre 11 (Software)

Computer System (Hardware)

Content: Online

Training Delivery Method: Offline

Prerequisite (Software/ experience)

  • NX CAD >> Although basic part, assembly, and drawing creation and editing capabilities are utilized in this class, it is primarily focused on managing NX CAD data in Teamcenter. It is not an NX CAD training class. Activities have been created with simplified geometric examples to streamline CAD operations.
  • NX part, assembly, and drawing creation.
  • Introduction to Teamcenter
  • Using Teamcenter (Recommended)

Assessments (internal performance / grading / final examination) details

Consolidated Evaluation which includes Internal Assessment+ Group Tasks + Model Test
Gold: m >= 85
Silver: 70 <= m < 84
Completion: Below 70

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