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Advanced Manufacturing Lab (7)

2. TCUA – Installation

Course ID
Mumbai, Vizag
Advanced Manufacturing
Course Duration
40 hours
B. Tech, Diploma, ITI, M. Tech

Course Content & Competencies

  • Teamcenter architecture overview
  • Oracle server, listener, and database
  • MS SQL Server
  • Common Licensing Server
  • Corporate server
  • Two-tier rich client
  • Four-tier architecture overview
  • J2EE-based server manager and Web tier
  • .NET-based server manager and Web tier
  • Four-tier rich client installation
  • Installing the Business Modeler IDE
  • Administer the in-production system
  • FSC performance cache server
  • Dispatcher
  • Store and Forward
  • Teamcenter integrations with Microsoft Office
  • Teamcenter Integration for NX
  • Embedded visualization
  • Creating additional sites

Brief Description about course content & competencies

     After completion of course the trainees will have the following competencies

  • To define the Teamcenter two-tier architecture, the four-tier architecture, and File Management System
  • To define relational database management system concepts and installation processes
  • To install the corporate server
  • To install the two-tier rich client
  • To define the four-tier architecture and its components, which includes the Web Application Manager, distribution server, J2EE Web tier, and .NET Web tier
  • To define and install the Business Modeller IDE
  • To administer the in-production environment
  • To install and prepopulate an FMS performance cache server
  • To install the dispatcher
  • To set up Store and Forward
  • To set up Teamcenter Client for Microsoft Office and Extensions for Microsoft Office
  • To set up Teamcenter Integration for NX
  • To install the Nx To PvDirect and Nx To CgmDirect translators
  • To set up embedded visualization
  • To create an additional site and configure both the two-tier and the four-tier rich client to access the new site

Software / Hardware Type

Teamcentre 11 (Software)

Computer System (Hardware)

Content: Online

Training Delivery Method: Offline

Prerequisite (Software/ experience)

  • System administration experience
  • Understanding of network planning
  • General understanding of SQL databases
  • General understanding of Teamcenter functionality

Assessments (internal performance / grading / final examination) details

Consolidated Evaluation which includes Internal Assessment+ Group Tasks
Gold: m >= 85
Silver: 70 <= m < 84
Completion: Below 70

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