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Radar Systems (1)

1. Radar Systems

Course ID
Radar System
Course Duration
60 hours
B. Tech, Diploma, ITI, M. Tech

Course Content & Competencies

  • Principles and concepts related to the radar system and
  • Describe theory of operation of a simple Radar including radar
    range equation
  • Explain how Radar works and compare different type of Radar
    system functionality
  • Discuss principles, procedures, techniques and evolution of
    radar technology
  • Examine Radar Concept of Operation (ConOps), functional
    architecture, system requirement, system design, architecture
  • Operation and maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Sketch a high-level architecture of a simple Radar system
  • Covering components and subsystems including transmitters,
    receivers, antennas, clutter and noise, detection, signal
    processing modules
  • Determine basic acceptable Radar system performance based
    on radar environment
  • Provide detection, identification, and classification of
    objects/targets using different radar systems
  • Discuss applications and technologies behind microwave and
    millimeter-wave Radar systems
  • Discuss the evolution of Radar technologies

Brief Description about course content & competencies

Radar Systems Training covers the basics of Radar systems including basic design of a radar system, functionality, architecture and critical components, transmitter/receiver, and antenna. Learn the basic operating principle of a primary radar set and development, testing, and support of radar.

Software / Hardware Type

Basic Radar Training System

Content: Offline

Training Delivery Method: Offline

Prerequisite (Software/ experience)

Basic knowledge of Radar system

Assessments (internal performance / grading / final examination) details

Consolidated Evaluation which includes Internal Assessment + Group Tasks
Gold: m >= 85
Silver: 70 <= m < 84
Completion: Below 70


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