Electrical (3)

3. Basics of Low Voltage Switchgear-2

Course ID
Course Duration
40 hours
B. Tech, M. Tech

Course Content & Competencies

  • Basic concept of Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Protection
  • Basic Concept of Different Types of Earthing Systems
  • Philosophy of Generation, distribution in LV, MV & HV.
  • Cable Dimensioning and Cable Size Calculation for Different Load and Protection
  • Voltage drop Calculation for Power System
  • Types of Fault
  • Basic protection system
  • Types of networks
  • Fault Level Calculation for Generator and Transformer
  • Selectivity and Discrimination concept.
  • ACB’s (3WT and 3 WL) – Basics, ETU settings, Hands On practice.
  • Accessory fittings and hands-on training on ACB.
  • Communicating 3WL-ACB with “Power Config” Software
  • PAC -4200
  • Configuration of PAC meter using “Power Config” software

Brief Description about course content & competencies

    After completion of course the trainees will have the following competencies

  • Get Brief Idea on Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Understanding of Different types of Earthing Systems and Cable dimensioning
  • Understand Type of Faults and protection
  • Configure PAC meter
  • Rack breakers into or out of connected position safely
  • Locate close and trip coils and motors of ACB
  • Communicate with PAC4200 and 3WL-ACB using “Power Config” Software hniques.

Software / Hardware Type

LV-Switchgear (Hardware)

PAC Meters (Energy Meters) (Hardware)

MCCB Kit (3VA & 3VT) (Hardware)

Star Delta Kit (Hardware)

3Ph AC Induction Motor (Hardware)

Content: Online

Training Delivery Method: Offline

Prerequisite (Software/ experience)

Basics of Low Voltage Switchgear

Assessments (internal performance / grading / final examination) details

Consolidated Evaluation which includes Internal Assessment + Project work
Gold: m >= 85
Silver: 70 <= m < 84
Completion: Below 70


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