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Test and Optimization Lab (7)

3. Acoustics Measurements and Analysis

Course ID
Mumbai, Vizag
Test and Optimization Lab
Course Duration
30 hours
B. Tech, M. Tech

Course Content & Competencies

  • Gain insights of acoustics, topics including measuring sound, soundpower, equal loudness, octaves, sound fields and basic terminologies associated with it.
  • Get details on microphones, intensity probes and calibrators.
  • Learn acoustic measurement functions and explore topics related to sound pressure level, intensity, residual intensity and pressure residual intensity index.
  • Know the details on the sound quality and gain knowledge about sound metrics and sound diagnosis.
  • Gain knowledge about sound absorption and transmission testing.
  • This will enable you to learn more about sound absorption in-tube, sound transmission loss in-room and loss in-tube.
  • Learn about sound quality analysis, measurement, evaluation, modification and much more. This will further allow you to know about equalization and replay functions.

Brief Description about course content & competencies

Β  Β  Β After completion of course the trainees will have the following competencies

  • Understand the concepts of acoustics and its importance in engineering
  • Know the concepts of sound fields, sound quality and its analysis and diagnosis and the importance of sound quality in manufacturing
  • Learn the concept of sound absorption and transmission testing.

Software / Hardware Type

LMS Test Lab (Software)

LMS SCADAS Mobile 8-channel input module (Hardware)

LMS SCADAS Mobile 1-slot mainframe (Hardware)

Computer System (Hardware)

Content: Offline

Training Delivery Method: Offline

Prerequisite (Software/ experience)


Assessments (internal performance / grading / final examination) details

Consolidated Evaluation which includes Internal Assessment + Group Tasks
Gold: m >= 85
Silver: 70 <= m < 84
Completion: Below 70

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