Process Instrumentation Lab

Location: Vizag

The Process Instrumentation Lab enables students to work on Advanced Automation using Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and understanding the working of the following process equipment in Plants / Ships:

i. Temperature

ii. Flow

iii. Level

iv. Pressure

v. Sensors/Measurements & Communications

The Process Instrumentation Lab imparts skills & knowledge on complete Process Automation & Process Instrumentation in all types of Process Industries.

Students are trained on Distributed Control Systems & Configuration, Measuring Technologies for Pressure, Temperature, Level & Flow, Valve Positioning, etc.

The lab gives opportunity to know Working Principles, Selection Guidelines & Troubleshooting Techniques with respect to Process Industries.

Training Equipment’s: SIMATIC PCS 7 Training Kits & Process Transmitters Racks with Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Transmitter, Level Transmitter (RADAR, Ultrasonic & Capacitive), Flow Transmitters (Electro-magnetic, Coriolis Mass flow, Ultrasonic) & Electro-pneumatic Valve Positioner.