Piping Training Systems Lab

Location: Vizag

The Piping Training Systems Lab is based on hands-on training program designed to train students for careers as pipe fitters and piping maintenance technicians.


The main learning objectives are the reading of piping schematics, calculation of pipe lengths, fabrication, installation and testing of piping circuits made of galvanized steel pipes, hoses, PVC pipes, and copper tubes. The systems can also be used to teach students how to enforce the safety rules to be followed when working at industrial sites.

Topics Covered: 

i. Motor Operators

ii. Pipes and Pipe Fittings

iii. Valve Types and Operation

iv. Safety Valves

v. Steam Traps

vi. Valve Maintenance

vii. Fabrication, Assembly, and Installation

viii. Measurement and Layout

ix. System Testing

x. Safety Rules and Procedures

The Piping Training System faithfully reproduces an industrial environment where students can develop their skills in the fabrication, installation and testing of industrial piping systems, including pipes, tubing, and hoses. The training program is designed to train students for careers as pipe fitters and piping maintenance technicians.

The system can be used to teach how to perform maintenance on industrial piping systems, as well as enforce the safety rules followed at industrial sites. Due to its modular design, the Piping Training System can be configured to fit various training needs. A versatile mobile workstation is the basis of the system. All components and tools are industrial grade for realistic training and durability.


  1. Provides safe, hands-on piping training 
  2. Sturdy, yet flexible design integrating components that meet industrial safety standards 
  3. Wide-range of industrial-grade components
  4. Versatile mobile workstation allowing up to two students groups to work at the same time
  5. Three configurations are available for supplying water to the system
  6. Includes wall supports and storage spaces
  7. Modular approach that allows the system to be configured to fit different training needs
  8. Two or more equipment setups can be grouped together to form complex industrial applications
  9. Comprehensive curriculum consisting of fully-illustrated student manuals containing job sheets and/or work orders, and an instructor guide. Reference textbooks are also available.
  10. Lockable swiveling casters; system sized to fit standard door openings