Nesting Productivity Improvement Lab

Locations: Vizag and Mumbai

Nesting Lab

The students/ industry personnel would learn the below listed points in the Nesting – Productivity Improvement Lab:-

i. Automatic part arrangement for nesting, and support for manual part arrangement.

ii. Automatic or manual cutting path definition

iii. Automatic beveling/ bridging / common cutting / multi-touching

iv. Marking and punching at curve surfaces

v. Direct N/C code generation (EIA/ESSI)

vi. Import from 2D drawings and export of drawing files into CADWIN base and automatic generation of production drawing on the steel plate.

vii. Generation of production information including data for cutting length, centre of gravity, weight, painting area, welding length, bevel, etc…

viii. Verifying and simulation of N/C code data for plate cutting

ix. Support of process for procurement of steels.

x. Pre-nesting for procurement and ordering of steel plate

xi. Detail quantifying of number of quantity of steel for procurement

xii. Control and management of amount of scrap rate

xiii. Common database interface by ODBC

xiv. Support for customization for additional functions if required. (e.g., TRIBON interface.)

xv. Simultaneously manipulate multi-sheet cutting plan

xvi. Easy setting for N/C machine

xvii. Interactive execution mode for all operations

xviii. Easy and fast ways to correct production data against design changes

xix. Automatic cutting sequence assignment

xx. Automatic Torch Spacing Control

Nesting software improves production efficiency based on accumulated technology from varieties of fields. It helps management of resources and work processes efficiently and by using integrated process for part and steel plate from design to production for manufacture industries including shipbuilding and plant, bridge and heavy machine, etc