Electrical and Energy Saving Lab

The Electrical Lab would cover the following courses: 

i. AC-DC Drives

ii. Power System & Protection

iii. Induction Motor

iv. Low Voltage Switchgear

v. Energy transparency & audit kits 

The Electrical lab makes students explore fundamentals of Motors, Power Electronics, Electrical Drives & Low Voltage Switchgear.

Participants are trained on basics of AC & DC Motors, Power Electronics Components, Speed control of AC/DC motors with Drives & Parameterization, Motor maintenance/servicing, Product selection based on application requirement, Diagnostic & troubleshooting strategies.

Switchgear training kits imparts knowledge on Air Circuit Brakers, Timers and Relay, Soft Starter, StarDelta Starter, Type-II Co-ordination, Intelligent Motor Management, Power Monitoring etc.

Training Equipment’s: DC Drives Kits with DC Motors & AC Drives Kits with Induction Motors, Circuit Brakers Kits, Type II Coordination Kit, Timers & Relays Kit, Star-Delta Kit, Soft Starter Kit, SIMOCODE & PAC Meters

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