Dimensional Accuracy Control System System Lab

Locations: Vizag and Mumbai

The students/ industry personnel would learn to analyze dimensional accuracy of steel structures, such as plant modules and shipbuilding blocks which are fabricated by modular construction technique comparing its 3D design.

Topics Covered:

i. Ship‐building Block Measurement

ii. Ship‐building Block Dimensional Error Analysis

iii. Ship‐building Block Erection Forecasting Analysis

EcoMES is 3D measurement software for dimensional accuracy control that calculates, analyses, transforms, and calculates actual blocks onsite by interaction with total stations, and writes, manages and sends accuracy data for production blocks or modules.

EcoBLOCK is software used to analyse dimensional accuracy of the production structure comparing 3D design data, draw the check sheet and analysed report using 3D design and measurement data readily.

EcoOTS is used to capture forecast accuracy errors including overlapping and gaps during the module erection, and analyse the best condition for the block module erection. Draw the check sheet and analysed report using 3Ddesign and measurement data readily.

Dimension Sys Lab